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Weather Resistant Cable Ties

Model : GT-UV

– Internal serrations allowing for a positive hold onto cable and pipe bundles.
– The design of the head guarantees a high tensile strength while allowinga very low insertion force.
– Ultraviolet weather resistant tie for outdoor application.

Material : UL approved Polyamide 6.6, 94V-2
Color : Black

Part.NoLengthWidthMax.Bundle Dia. MIn. Loop tensile strength
operating temperature
GT-80M-UV803.152.40.09150.598.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-100M-UV1003.942.50.1220.878.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-160M-UV1606.32.50.1401.578.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-1501-UV1505.913.60.14351.3818.24085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-2001-UV2007.873.60.14532.0918.24085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-250ST-UV2509.844.80.19602.3622.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-300ST-UV30011.814.80.19762.9922.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-370ST-UV37014.574.80.191024.0222.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-430ST-UV43016.934.80.191104.3322.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-300HD-UV30011.817.60.3762.9954.412085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-370HD-UV37014.577.60.31024.0254.412085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-430HD-UV43016.9390.351204.7279.417585? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GT-530HD-UV52620.7190.351405.5179.417585? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)

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