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Marker Ties

Model : GTK

– Tie and identify bundles of cable in one operation.
– Large flat area for imprinting or writing the required information.
– Hot stamping available, which is subject to minimums and lead times.
– Label may be imprinted or written with marker pen.

Material : UL approved Polyamide 6.6, 94V-2
Color : All colors are available

庫存單位 GTK 分類 , Features:

Part.NoLengthWidthMax.Bundle Dia.MIn. Loop tensile strengthoperating temperature
GTK-110M1104.332.50.1180.718.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-210M2108.272.50.1501.978.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-100M1024.022.50.1180.718.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-200M2007.872.50.1501.978.11885? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-190ST1907.484.80.19461.8122.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-220ST2208.664.80.19542.1322.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-270ST27010.634.80.19652.5622.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-300ST30011.814.80.19762.9922.65085? C (185? F)-40? C (-40? F)
GTK-370ST37014.574.80.191024.0222.65085? C (186? F)-40? C (-41? F)

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